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WeCount makes giving and receiving easy.

WeCount helps people safely ask for items they need, and helps community members give directly to their neighbors.

WeCount helps people request and give a sleeping bag to survive tonight, the clothes for an interview tomorrow, and an alarm clock for the morning to keep our jobs and homes

how it works

How it works infographic
contact method

All that’s required to start using WeCount is a confirmed form of contact—either an email address or text-enabled phone number

seek help or donate

After creating an account, users can choose to seek help or donate


Seek Help

People can request or offer items from several categories:

  • Outdoor Gear

    Outdoor Gear

  • Home Goods

    Home Goods

  • Personal Care Items

    Personal Care Items

  • Children’s Needs

    Children’s Needs

  • Essential Clothing

    Essential Clothing


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